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1 comments09/11/06 at 12:40steve: i miss u melanie
2 comments09/10/06 at 20:26Stephan: HOT!!!
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2 comments09/09/06 at 12:55L: No, the pics with Ashley were a diff. night..........
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2 comments09/09/06 at 12:16KD: What'd you do LS change clothes in the bathroom?
2 comments09/09/06 at 10:42scott: sexy pic
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1 comments09/09/06 at 07:24c: damn, you're hot.
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1 comments08/24/06 at 00:33Stacey: Whos that sexy bitch
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1 comments08/24/06 at 00:29Stacey: Kennys hot!!!!!!!
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1 comments08/18/06 at 15:34L: Lauren! You found your twin Stacey!!
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1 comments08/18/06 at 09:18amber: is the girl inthe pink/rachel-looks familiar
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1 comments08/14/06 at 15:17Rico: Damn these girls are hot!!!
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2 comments08/05/06 at 21:37brandon: not scared, more like gorgeous
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2 comments08/05/06 at 16:27PD: She looks scared?
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4 comments07/31/06 at 19:22BERG: MMMMMMmm- perfect outfit for a cruize-
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1 comments07/29/06 at 16:23susie: holy shitfaced... looking good buddy!
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1 comments07/29/06 at 14:03todd: good spot for your tat.
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